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Mulga storms home to win $7,000 in national competition

The creative skills of Mulga Bill were further demonstrated by him being awarded 2nd place in the Australia wide National Jockeys' Trust ' 2015 Pin and Win Competition' . Entrants were required to creatively tell in 25 words or less, who they believed is Australia's Greatest Jockey of all time.
 With $20,000 prize money up for grabs, Mulga backed Edgar Britt,entering:
Corrigan, Britt and 'Professor' Higgins stride for stride to the post. A photo finish! Ken Howard calls. "It's Edgar Britt, London to a brick on".
 (For info on the National Jockeys' Trust, that helps injured jockeys, including how to make donations view



Mulga has identified a niche market for quality entertainment in the horse racing industry and offers a variety of options.

In his youth Mulga was fascinated by the colour and action surrounding horse racing and developed a passion for ‘the sport of kings’.
As a mug punter he’s helped put a few bookmaker’s children through private schools.col_silks

Mulga’s  piece de resistance is performing The Open Steeplechase. During which a driza bone is removed to reveal his racing silks. Though normally performed as an encore, at inside shows, Mulga can perform in the mounting yard leading up to a feature race. Brilliant entertainment for a jumps meeting.

Mulga Bill, like his namesake, ‘hates a man that blows’. But after gaining experience and polishing Australiana entertainment performances over the past 11 years, he is ‘hot to trot’ to take the racing industry by storm.